Record Rack Acorn Flavored Salt Brick 

A trace mineral supplementation to deer diets on a free choice feeding basis.

Record Rack Acorn Flavored Salt Brick


  • Consists of flavors and ingredients that deer love.
  • Formulated with Record Rack® trace mineral package to support antler growth and development.
  • Brick form for ease in handling and placement in natural habitat areas.

Feeding Directions

  • Place bricks 15-20 feet apart to discourage fighting.
  • For best results, place on ground and cover with thin layer of dirt or leaves. Replace as needed.
  • Warning: The feeding and baiting of wild deer is prohibited in some regions. Consult local laws and regulations before using this product.

Guaranteed Analysis

Nutrient Min. Max.
Salt 91.5% 96.0%
Sodium 36.0% 36.75%
Cobalt 50 ppm -
Copper 300 ppm -
Iodine 70 ppm -
Iron 2,000 ppm -
Manganese 2,000 ppm -
Zinc 3,500 ppm -


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