At Sportsman’s Choice and Record Rack, we value our partnerships with industry leading brands and companies in outdoor and wildlife management. Through these partnerships, we can develop new solutions and strengthen the products and practices that you use. We are proud to call these great companies partners!

Keith Warren

Keith Warren Outdoor television icon Keith Warren has been pioneering big game hunting on television for more than 25 years.  Keith also owns and operates the Texas Hidden Springs ranch in south central Texas. This working family ranch and licensed whitetail deer farming operation utilizes Record Rack Breeder and Golden Deer Nuggets to keep the herd healthy and optimizes growth.  Watch a live view of his deer sanctuary here.

"I've been feeding Record Rack products for over 10 years now. The deer eat it, I've noticed an increase in the quality of deer, and the data I keep on these deer proves it works." ~ Keith Warren


Whitetail Veterinary Services & Dr. John Dedwylder

Dr. John Dedwylder A lifelong outdoorsman and hunter, Dr. Dedwylder’s interests in whitetail deer began at an early age while hunting the woods of Mississippi and on ranches in Texas. As a veterinarian his knowledge of whitetail deer has grown by offering medical support for captive raised whitetails. He feels fortunate to be able to hunt in many areas of the country and also to have a ranch of his own in Texas. In managing his 800 acres, Dr. Dedwylder initially determined the needs and resources of his property as well as the deer carrying capacity. From there, he concentrated his efforts on improving habitat and native food choices and developing a harvest program. Dr. Dedwylder utilizes food plots and supplemental feeding to complete his management program. As a ranch owner he strongly believes a diversified wildlife management program is the best way to grow healthy whitetails with big antlers.


Mossy Oak® BioLogic®

Mossy Oak Biologic At Mossy Oak BioLogic, an extensive knowledge of wildlife and agriculture coupled with real world testing helps us develop the finest food plot products on the market today. From whitetails to waterfowl and everything in between, BioLogic is in tune with the latest trends and agricultural techniques to grow the best plots that will ultimately feed your wildlife. We take your trust serious and enhancing wildlife habitat is at the heart of our obsession. When you need a food plot, trust our brand and plant BioLogic.


Mossy Oak® Nativ Nurseries

Mossy Oak Nativ Nurseries At Nativ Nurseries, we aim to provide landowners and managers with plants for creating or restoring wildlife habitat. The plants we offer are also great for using in your own backyard, creating a naturally landscaped setting that is not only visually pleasing but great for wildlife. Of course, we don’t just want to provide you with a tree or plant. We want to provide you with a tree or plant that will thrive once you put it in its new home. That’s why our staff will work with you to be sure the plants you choose are ideal for your specific location. So give us a call, we can help turn your piece of ground into the wildlife haven that will last for many generations to come.


Lone Wolf® Treestands 

Lone Wolf Treestands Lone Wolf Treestands, Made in the USA, Lone Wolf is the go to stand for the most serious hunter who has to be dead quiet in his pursuit. Light weight and extremely packable, Lone Wolf sets the standard for all others to follow.