Record Rack Hysteria Attractant

Intense berry aroma to attract more deer with a taste that will keep them hanging around for more.

Available only in limited areas.  Contact your local Record Rack retailer to check for availability. 


  • Irresistible Berry Aroma: Deer can smell this from miles away. Why let those monster bucks stay roaming around on someone else's property? Lure them in and keep them coming back to yours!
  • Flavor Deer Can't Resist: The smell draws them in, but the TASTE keeps them coming back for more! HysteriaTM attractant includes a proprietary nutrient formulation that delivers a unique and consistent blend of ingredients with the Record Rack® brand's exclusive flavoring and aroma system to ensure maximum palatability and consumption.
  • Provides More Energy & Nutrients: HysteriaTM attractant provides a higher level of protein than corn alone, to give deer more energy and nutrients for recovery during rut and growth all year long. 

Feeding Directions

NO FEEDER NECESSARY!   Just open up the bag of Record Rack® HysteriaTM, pour directly on the ground and watch them come! Place HysteriaTM attractant near trails, rubs, watering spots and most definitely trail cams so you can witness the frenzy!  

CAUTION:  Do not feed wet or moldy product as it may cause illness and even death.  Store Record Rack® HysteriaTM attractants in a cool, dry environment.

WARNING: The Feeding and Baiting of Wild Deer is Prohibited in Some Regions. Consult Local Laws and Regulations Before Using this Product.


Guaranteed Analysis

Nutrient Min. Max.
Crude Protein 12% -
Crude Fat 2.0% -
Crude Fiber - 15.0%


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