Bucks For The Brave


2021 Winners


Keith Warren






Randell Hall - Bryan, TX | Coast Guard

This hero was a Boarding Team Member in the Coast Guard, who conducted numerous narcotics operations, migrant interdictions, and search and rescue missions. After leaving the military, he chose to continue serving his community in Law Enforcement. He is making a positive impact in the lives of the citizens by serving on the SWAT team and working tirelessly to combat the war on drugs. He was awarded with being the 2019 Officer of the Year and the latest commendation being for his involvement with a group of officers who saved lives at an active shooter incident. He has dedicated his life to serving our country and the community he lives. Congratulations Randell Hall! You are this year’s Bucks for the Brave Coast Guard winner.


Brandon Bryan






Brandon Bryan - Tyler, TX | Navy Veteran

Our next winner received several nominations for his dedicated service of 20 years to his country. He has been in multiple combat tours, serving with one of the most elite forces in our military. He suffered physical and mental injuries directly related to the missions he was a part of. His determination to persevere in difficult times is inspiring to those that know him. Congratulations Chief Brandon Bryan! You are this year’s Bucks for the Brave Navy Winner.


John Baird






John Baird - Elgin, SC | Retired Law Enforcement

This winner was injured in Iraq in 2003 but continued to serve and deployed in 2009 and 2012. He served more than 35 years in the Army, Reserve and National Guard. Not only did he protect our country, but he also spent 29 years serving his community as a deputy and game warden. Congratulations John Baird! You are this year’s Bucks for the Brave winner representing Law Enforcement.   


Jason Carey

Jason Carey - Pocatello, ID | Air Force Veteran

This man served 20 years in the armed forces. First in the Army, then the Air Force with Security Forces where he was medically retired. Although he could no longer serve his country in that capacity, he continues to impact citizens far and wide. He provides support to a veteran group offering advice, encouragement, mental health, and suicide prevention. He is most well-known for surprising complete strangers with his random acts of coolness. He has made an impact on so many people’s lives, he received 24 nominations in hopes they could finally give back to him. Congratulations Jason Carey! You are this year’s Bucks for the Brave Air Force Winner.


James Roberts

James Roberts - Crossville, TN | Army Veteran

This Hero is a legend to this day. He did two tours in Vietnam, including special forces. He was one of the founding members of Delta Force under Colonel Beckwith. He survived the plane crash during the Iranian Hostage Crisis. He retired after 20 years with decorations and medals including the Silver Star, multiple Bronze Stars with Valor, a Purple Heart with OLC, and the list goes on. Even after retiring, he went with a group to Jordan on a mission to rescue a young girl kidnapped by her father. The man didn’t stop there. He spent an additional 20 years with the DHS. He now suffers from Parkinson’s Disease due to agent orange in Vietnam, but it’s not keeping him down. James Roberts, you are this year’s Bucks for the Brave winner for the Army. Looking forward to meeting you Sir and Welcome Home.


Marcus Fischer

Marcus Fischer - Sanford, TX | Marine Corp Veteran

Our next winner has 32 years of impressive service in many forward-deployed roles throughout his career. As a Force Recon Marine and then later as an Intel Chief/ HUMINT specialist, he not only served in the Marine Corps, but consistently strived to be one of the best throughout his long and fruitful career. He suffered devastating injuries as a result of his service in combat, and despite his injuries has bounced back and continued to serve outstandingly. His injuries incurred during combat, led to the need for a brain surgery that would potentially kill 99% of those having it. Although he did suffer a massive stroke during the procedure, he has fought hard to recover to the point he is today. This man's story is one of courage and resilience, we are looking forward to hosting Marcus Fischer at the Buck's for the Brave event in November. Congratulations Sir! Semper Fi.


Jerry Kuczynski

Jerry Kuczynski - Royal Palm Beach, FL | Retired Firefighter

This next Hero runs into fires, instead of away. He recently retired from a large urban Fire Dept after 42 years of service. He was a Captain for more than 35 years who always worked in the busiest stations by choice. He spent his last 5 years training all the new FF starting their careers. He taught them not only how to be a Firefighter but how to love the job. In addition, he was a 30-year member of his Fire Dept. Honor Guard where he served as Commander. He is an avid hunter who has never harvested a mature buck as he has always allowed his family or friends to take the buck instead of him. Well Jerry Kuczynski, it’s your turn now Sir! Congratulations on being the 2021 Bucks for the Brave winner representing Firefighters.